We manufacture high quality sustainable products.

WTS is a technology company that develops sustainable energy solutions to meet basic human needs.  Our technology development life cycle begins with big picture idealization and strategy. We then prototype many possible solutions, iterate with discipline, refine the idea and narrow in on high quality, consumer packages.

For four years we have been studying the market price of clean drinking water and how clean water is produced around the world.  Initial data shows $.05/liter for clean water is very competitive and we have been designing LEMA™ to be financially viable at that price point.  We are working to validate our business model assumptions that an entrepreneur can use our product and operate a compelling business selling drinking water.

WTS has three testing sites:

WTS is patenting technologies in the fields of solar pasteurization, solar tracking, solar-electric power, water distribution and solar heating/AC.  Our short-term objectives are to complete productization, LEMA™ Water, as well as continue the development and protection strategy of our additional IP.

LEMA™ products are designed to stand alone as a digital on-demand businesses that can enable local entrepreneurs to run and operate the equipment in their communities. The system comes equipped with everything needed to run an off-grid business.


With success in this space, the LEMA™ brand will gain consumer trust and WTS will be able to explore commercializing other compelling technologies. WTS’s mid-term plan includes scaling into the African market, testing additional markets and continuing R&D. Mid-term markets include providing residential power, industrial cooling, domestic hot water/AC, residential water distribution and irrigation. WTS’s long-term plan is to scale globally with a continued focus on R&D. Long-term markets include domestic desalination and small-scale power towers.

Meaning of LEMA™

The term “Lema” is short for “Analemma.”

An analemma is an astronomical diagram showing the position of the sun in the sky as seen from a fixed location on Earth, at the same time of day, through the course of a year.

The LEMA™ logo is the 52 point analemma for Saint Paul, Minnesota USA, 2014 - the year in which the project began.

See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Analemma