The LEMA™ Water a solar-thermal water pasteurization system. A specially designed, low cost parabolic mirror focuses the sun’s light onto a fluid pipe. The device holds the mirror’s focus throughout the day via high accuracy, low cost, dual access solar tracking system.

Water flows through the pipe and is subject to controlled levels of heat. Our patent pending algorithm tracks the flow of water through the system and ensures the water has been sufficiently heated to guarantee a 4 log pathogen reduction (based on a known pathogen baseline). This reduction of pathogens exceeds the World Health Organization’s potable water requirements.

Approximately 2.1KW of solar thermal energy will hit the focusing pipe “cooking” up to 400 liters of water per day.

Download: LEMA™ Water Specifications

Importance of Solar Thermal

Today there are many technology companies making great progress in the solar electric space. Many developing areas of the world will benefit greatly from these micro-grid advancements in the years to come.

Our research shows the water and solar-thermal energy industry has been very under served while everyone focuses on micro-grid electricity. This is why we put so much focus on this solar-thermal energy system.

The first real world impacting application for this technology is obviously in producing potable water, but that is just the beginning. There are many markets in the USA and world wide which can leverage our highly efficient and cost effective system. Contact us to discuss your next building design or industrial project.