Innovative solutions to complex problems.

We believe recent technology advancements can be leveraged to make a major impact on the world’s water and energy problems.


Water Glass Model

Our project’s goal is to lower the cost of potable water in Africa and provide African entrepreneurs with the opportunity to own and operate a financially viable business selling potable water.

Using modern computer technology and the latest IoT workflows, LEMA™ can tightly control the life cycle of our water production and guarantee cleanliness from the source to the user’s water glass.

LEMA’s™ water treatment method of solar-thermal pasteurization leverages the established cultural norm in Africa that hot water is perceived as potable water.

Our market studies show that selling water at ~$0.05 per liter is a very competitive price in East Africa. We have been optimizing the price point for our equipment to make an entrepreneur’s ROI in under 3 years. We do not operate under the assumption that government grants and impact funds are required to make such a business model work.


Job Enablement

LEMA™ products are designed to stand alone as a digital on-demand business to enable local entrepreneurs to run and operate the equipment in their communities. The system comes equipped with everything an East African entrepreneur would need to run an off-grid water business:

  • A bank of batteries which can store up to 5KWh of electricity

  • Power distribution electronics for up to 8 houses each running up to 125W

  • Water distribution equipment for up to 8 houses

  • Wifi hotspot

  • Consumer electronics charging station (usb plugs for mobile devices)

  • Software metering for all micro-services



For the general population in many African countries, bottled water is expensive, therefore many people boil water at home or consume untreated water. Boiling water is a time intensive process that is an everyday part of life. This has a large impact on the environment, public health and productivity.

We believe that recent societal breakthroughs, such the advent of the sharing economy and cooking water and trusting your neighbor to sell it, will have a huge impact not only on the environment but communities as a whole. The LEMA™ system’s biggest impact could potentially be the the enormous amount of time saved for consumers. This will inevitably increase productivity and empower large groups of motivated, empowered individuals.


Clean Water Distribution

LEMA™ is unique solar water pasteurizer capable of producing 2.5KW of solar thermal energy and pasteurizing about 350 liters of water a day.

We carefully choose and qualify a water source by analyzing the water source to define a baseline of pathogens and particulates we expect to exist in the water supply. Once a baseline is created, our water pasteurization algorithm can remove biological pathogens with consistency and reliability that goes beyond Work Health Organization potable water standards.

Proving that water has been cleaned is only part of the problem. Water distribution frequently introduces pathogens into clean water sources. The LEMA™ system allows owners to control distribution of the clean water in a unique way.

We provide water customers with a high quality, stainless steel jerry can which is tagged with an NFC chip which enables jerry can usage tracking. Using sophisticated computer software, the LEMA™ Utility uses a re-growth model to estimate container cleanliness. The software can then enforce or suggest jerry can cleaning intervals for users before they purchase more water from the system.