We have a team of world class engineers and experienced business people. With an extensive history of traveling to and working in East Africa, we have made many friends and developed deep cultural ties which have enabled our rapid prototype development and supply chain – if you want to sell in Africa, you need to be in Africa.

We carefully selected our partners and team members so that we can own all aspects of our design – manufacturing, software, electrical and business workflows have been built from scratch to exactly meet the needs of our customers.  Having this expertise in house will allow us to effectively scale LEMA™.

Our collaborative team structure allows for valuable, peer to peer communication throughout the organization, across the world.  We understand the complexities of the global issues we are trying to solve and we have put in place the communication, marketing and business personnel required for a successful roll-out of our products.

Our American team focuses on research and development of existing and future technologies, commercializing quality consumer products, as well as identifying large target impact areas that our systems will be most effective at helping people in a permanent and sustainable way.


Our East African team, shown above, is composed of well trained graduate engineers and business students. The engineers; Frida, Henry, Emma, Irene, Esther and Herbert focus on system optimization, performance testing, troubleshooting, running the system on a day to day basis and biological inactivation experiments to achieve the required log reduction by the WHO standards. The business students; Julian and Sandra focus on market research, data collection, business model optimization, financial calculations, partnership development and granting.

Ruth Gaylord Hospital Installation – Kampala, Uganda 2018

Ruth Gaylord Hospital Installation – Kampala, Uganda 2018