Above is a picture of our testing site in Somerset, Wisconsin.

WTS LLC is a Saint Paul, Minnesota based technology company that designs sustainable consumer products. The LEMA™ product line contains a collection of solar based kits designed for home, industrial and micro-grid utility applications.

The products are designed to offer profitable solutions to counter the high cost of drinking water, running water and electricity in off-grid locations around the globe.

LEMA™ competitive advantage is the product line strategic focus on building and sustaining consumer trust. Our water treatment method uses a patented time-wise temperature model to treat water and produce hot drinking water which is based on the trusted, culturally established norm that hot water is perceived clean water. 

WTS’s flagship product is the LEMA™ Oasis, a micro-utility system that includes solar thermal water pasteurization and a solar PV powered water pumping system. The device uses GPS to locate the sun and cook 400 liters of water per day. Digital controls run a proprietary biological inactive algorithm to efficiently kill pathogens and provide portable water.

Above is a picture of our testing site in Somerset, Wisconsin.

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