We Heat Fluids Efficiently Using Solar Energy.


WTS LLC is a Saint Paul, Minnesota based technology company. Our core technology is a 2,100W solar thermal concentrator which provides a ROI of 3-6 years when offsetting heating fluids with electricity.

The first commercialization of our technology is a product called LEMA™ Water.  LEMA™ Water allows a user to use the sun to pasteurize up to 400 liters of drinking water per day.  LEMA™ Water provides a ROI of <1 year when offsetting home boiling or when retailing drinking water at $0.05 per liter - a competitive price in Africa. 

LEMA™ Water’s treatment method uses a patented time-wise temperature model to treat water and is based on the trusted, culturally established norm that hot water is perceived as clean water. 

The ability to autonomously treat water will dramatically decrease the time required to manually boil water on a stove top or over a fire.  LEMA™ Water’s anticipated retail price is $3,000 and the initial target market is the solar distribution and micro-grid industry in Africa. Above is a picture of our testing site in Somerset, WI.

Our Products