Off Grid

In many communities where clean water is needed there is often limited access to electricity. LEMA™ is designed to be a completely stand-alone system with no power grid required. This allows us to tightly control all aspects of the system and the user experience.

The system operates on a 24v DC power rail which is extremely safe and user friendly. Risk of electrical shock by using low voltage electronics is virtually reduced to zero. The expense of wiring the equipment to the electrical grid is also removed. The system can run on its own right out of the box.


Because 24v DC power is such a common industrial voltage there are millions of products that work with the power generated by the solar panels. Expensive AC to DC power conversion electronics are removed from the equation. This is one of the many benefits of micro-grid power systems - power transmission distances are short so there is no need to convert solar energy into high voltage AC only to convert it back to DC when a consumer electronic product is used. Solar power is natively DC and we simply use the power in the most cost efficient way possible.