Digital Controls

The user interface to control the system is done with a mobile device. This approach has two key characteristics that provides a lot of value to the user and the system.  

The first, the system cost is reduced because it doesn’t need to ship with a stand alone computer user interface with an expensive screen. Furthermore, extra buttons and feedback displays do not need to be added to the equipment. Such human machine interfaces found on industrial equipment are extremely expensive.


Instead we put a low cost Bluetooth LE radio on the control computers. Now the user can use any compute platform available to them to run the system. The LEMA™ Mobile application runs on Android, iOS, and Windows.

Secondly, moving the user interface software to a mobile phone or laptop allows for a rich and easy user experience which is not normally associated with industrial machines.

There are many other notable advantages to building the UI on a powerful mobile device. Typically, these devices have access to the internet. This opens the door for many interesting workflows which were not previously possible.  

For example, the mobile application will allow for digital payment processing, cloud based system analytics and diagnostics, social media integration and even advertising for the entrepreneurs who own the system.