Water Quality Control

People staying healthy as they consume water which has been treated by the LEMA™ Water system is one of the most important value propositions of the entire stack. We have meticulously planned the LEMA™ Water user experience to work around all the common shortfalls of other water treatment and distribution systems.

This means we tightly control the whole lifecycle of the water flowing through our system.

We carefully choose and qualify a water source. Weather it be rain water, ground water or water provided by a third party organization or government we analyse the water source to define a baseline of pathogens and particulates we expect to exist in the water supply source.

We configure LEMA™ Water to produce treated water with target log reduction.

So far what’s been described is typical due diligence for an experimental water treatment program - indeed, many water improvement initiatives follow such practices.


But what happens when treated water sits at rest at room temperature? Pathogen regrowth begins. In East Africa, storage of clean water is almost as problematic as cleaning the water in the first place.

Therefore, we control distribution of the clean water. We provide customers with a high quality, stainless steel jerry can. The can is tagged with an NFC chip. Using sophisticated computer software, the LEMA™ Utility which distributes treated water to the community can keep track of jerrycan usage. The software can then enforce container cleaning intervals on users. A jerrycan which has not been cleaned or used in the optimized time intervale will not be able to receive clean water from the LEMA™ Utility system.

A similar set of patent pending algorithms to the pathogen inactivation method described above are used to compute theoretical regrowth rates for every jerrycan being used in the system. If a jerrycan is found to be above a threshold of cleanliness, the system will tell the user they need to have their jerrycan sanitized.

Using modern computer technology and the latest IoT workflows, LEMA™ can tightly control the lifecycle of our water production and guarantee cleanliness from the source to the user’s water glass.